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What is Little Readers School Readiness Program?

A Literacy and Numeracy Program, based on the National School Curriculum

and designed for pre-schoolers (3-5 year old) to build confidence and knowledge and assist them with successfully transitioning to school. Sessions are conducted by a qualified and registered Primary School Teacher with over 10 years teaching experience, teaching students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. The program focusses on phonemic awareness and basic mathematical knowledge, through fun and playful activities.

The transition to school can be daunting for young children and expectations to succeed are rising. The Little Readers School Readiness Program aims to provide children with academic and social skills to gain confidence and get a head start to their schooling journey.

The Little Readers School Readiness Program operates during the Victorian School term dates; approx 40 weeks. Children attend 1 session per week for 1 hour, in a nurturing and encouraging environment, focusing on literacy, numeracy and speaking and listening skills.



Letterland provides a stimulating and multi-sensory form of learning with fun activities, rhymes, and stories. Fast and effective word building follows as children are able to segment and blend sounds to read and write words.  Letterland has proven to be successful in enabling children to link phonic information directly to their long-term memory by associating friendly characters (visual memory cue) to their alphabet letter (phoneme).

Spalding Program

The Writing Road to Reading Program is an evidence based program, delivered worldwide and an extension from Letterland with 70 codes (sounds/phonemes) found in the English language. These codes can be blended to form the many words we speak and write or can be segmented to read and spell. The ability to blend and segment is the most accurate indicator of a child's success in learning to read and write.


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